Congratulations to DYFC players representing Manly Utd. in 2023

Dee Why FC is one of the 17 grassroots clubs that form a part of the Manly Warringah Football Association.

We are delighted to see so many previous Dee Why FC players taking to the field for Manly United in 2023!

Congratulations to you all and good luck for the season!


Name                                    Program

Josh Barber                   (MUFC12)

Kobi Bell                         (MUFC9)

Alex Durdevic                (AYL13)

Daniel Emo                    (AYL13)

Max Hoppett                 (BYL13)

Petar Jokovic                 (MUFC12)

Aleksander Kovacevic (MWFA 11)

Pascal Kusnierz             (AYL14)

Oscar McNamara          (MUFC 11)

Charlie McNamara        (MUFC 9)

Mijat Mihic                     (MUFC12)

Joe Morris                     (AYL13)

Mason Niukapu            (MWFA9)

Felix Rigby                    (MUFC9)

Hugo Rudomino           (MUFC 9)

Nicholas Rutten           (MUFC12)

Molly Steven                (GSAP11)

Cruz Swadling             (AYL14)

Jasper Swadling          (BYL18)

Charlie Whelan            (MUFC12)

Blake Whelan               (MUFC11)

Ryker Williams             (BYL14)

Read the full story here:  Dee Why to Manly United - Manly United Football Club (

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